Product & Distribution


For you to receive the best products possible, suitable for every condition and under any circumstances, we hold a multitude of products, in different materials and based on supreme technology. Here are few basic item categories from our line:

Plastic based items

To ensure protection of your customers’ food and products, we supply plastic food containers of various sizes and purposes. We do not compromise on quality and will not tolerate breakage and leaks.
Our products are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies with clever designs to ensure the quality and safety of your food, at competitive cost.

Plastic disposables for deliveries and serving

With our tailor-made solutions, adaptable for different types of food, you can rest assure that your delivery will remain intact, and that the experience will be as close as possible to actual dining in a restaurant.


No meal is complete without proper cutlery. Simple and basic, though extremely important. A broken plastic fork might ruin an otherwise great meal. We do not compromise and will provide the best value for money.

Paper based food containers

While some food is completely suitable for plastic, others are best kept in paper-based containers. We know the importance of packing in the right box, because we serve the customers in our restaurants. We have the experience in serving a variety of different types of food, from burgers, to rice, soup, sushi and noodles, all perfectly delivered in paper-based containers.


One of the most important steps in delivery is, well the delivery itself! We provide high-quality bags, aimed to deliver an exciting and flawless delivery all the way to your customers’ door.

Recycled products

A modern world requires for modern delivery solutions. Based on social responsibility and out of true concern to the future of the world we live in, we are committed to introduce biodegradable products, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint over the planet and supply you not only with high-quality but also elite products to protect our planet. Pacchetto Mio is determined to gradually increase the variety and quantity of biodegradable products within our portfolio, eventually replacing our current traditional disposable products. It is not only a responsible way to deliver, but also the way business is done in modern world.


To reduce all costs upon you, our customers, we operate in the most efficient manner possible, allowing us to deliver you all your needs at speed and in a flawless experience:

ASAP. Our lean management and expertise, combined with our fantastic network of professionals, allows us to deliver in less than 24 hours, anywhere and anytime.

Not at all. We are here to serve everyone, and we can adapt our products and services to your budget and needs.

Of course. We are not just a retailer. If you have a special need we are here to fulfill it. With you, we will create the perfect product to meet all your needs and wishes.

Yes! We serve large companies, governmental offices, hospitals, and additional large institutions (including even the Israeli Parliament!), with respect to all regulatory and legal aspects required.

We live the food and catering industry for more than 15 years, backed by a network of professionals and advanced management methods, all aimed to deliver you with the best products, at the best prices available, in no time. 

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