About Us

About Us

Paccehtto Mio was born out of a need. After more than 20 years of experience in hosting, hospitality and restauration sectors, its founders decided to solve one of their most crucial pain points. To provide high-quality yet affordable disposable goods.

Food deliveries are taking a growing bulk of restaurants' and food caterers' source of income. With the shift in consumers behavior and "work from home immigration", reliable disposable goods are becoming more and more important to the entire food serving industry and wholesalers expect more from their suppliers. Is there a better way than the prior COVID-19 old ways? We strongly believe so.

Founded in 2020, Pacchetto Mio is an innovative venture, aiming to provide a variety of disposable products including all items necessary for food delivery services, such as plastic and paper food containers, cutlery and tableware, plastic and paper bags, food wrapping, napkins, and janitorial products, all at the highest value per cost.

Backed by nearly two decades of experience within the hospitality market, Pacchetto Mio’s leading team has the expertise, the network and knowledge required to provide you with highest-quality disposable products in an accessible pricing and with supreme service.

The company provides solutions to leading wholesalers, some of the largest hospitals in Israel, leading catering companies, tech companies and government offices, all with the utmost care, quality, and precision.

Our Mission

To provide elite products at affordable prices with immaculate service. We focus on:

Lean efficient operation

Thanks to our premium supplier network, knowledge and deep understanding of the end user needs, we are able to manage a lean operation and eliminate overheads, as reflected in our competitive prices.

Elite customer service

We pay the utmost care to solve any issue as it rises, ASAP. We invest in our client’s satisfaction. There is no better reward than a smile on their face as we deliver.

Sharp supply chain and innovation

We combine our input of market needs, network and understanding of cutting-edge technologies with advanced management methods, to achieve the best innovative products delivered to you at the best value possible.

Management Team

Our management team is composed of professionals with unprecedented experience with hosting, delivery, and customer care:

Guy Dassa

(MBA, Adv. , CPA)​

Guy is a highly experienced manager with a holistic skill set, education, and credentials. 
With more than 20 years of senior management positions covering finance, legal, operations & supply chain and business development, and a successful track record, both in Israel and overseas.

Yossi has more than 15 years of successful track record of management in the food industry with extensive experience in restaurant and catering operations, supply chain and deliveries operation. Yossi brings vast experience in disposable goods import and distribution.

ohad ben ami

As a highly skilled sales manager, Ohad brings more than 15 years of hands-on experience of sales management in the food & beverage and disposable goods industry, with emphasis on building partnerships, creating distribution lines, and managing customer service operations.